Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Zoo Fun!

I got the crazy idea to take the kids to the Zoo by myself last Saturday. David was golfing and I get this mom guilt that the kids don't get a normal summer break like other kids do. They are in school all year long because it's preschool. They ask me every morning why they have to go to school every day and I feel so guilty! So we headed to the zoo and we SUCH a good time. They loved it and were just really into it. No one cried or whined about anything. There was no fighting or arguing or pushing or complaining! They even shared a bag of popcorn without a peep!
They also ASKED me to take their pictures all day long! What?!?!? Who are these kids????
Cooper got to ride the camel for the first time.
Before we left the house, Chloe told me that she was going to feed the giraffes. I told her that I hope she gets to but that it doesn't happen all the time. They don't always just let you feed them. I actually have never seen it happen in person. But she saw a picture of her BFF Betsey doing it on a private zoo tour so she had it in her head that she was going to get to do it too.
The giraffes were the last thing we saw and as we were walking up, I saw people feeding them! I took off running up the giant ramp to the tower where they were feeding them (pulling a wagon full of kids!) and we got in line just in time. We were the last ones to get to do it!
Connor has gotten bit by a camel before when he was feeding it so he is always a little scared to feed the animals.
Chloe just kept telling me "I TOLD you I was going to feed the giraffes!"

It was SUCH a good day even if it was hot and I pulled a wagon with over 100 pounds it around by myself! I keep reliving it over in my head this week while I'm at work being miserable.

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