Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Our VERY first soccer games!

We had our very first soccer games this past Saturday!

Chloe's game was first and I had no idea what to expect from her. She started off a little slow but quickly figured out what she needed to do. Before the game, she told us she was going to score 16 goals and I'm pretty sure she established that goal! She was amazing! So much so that it kind of started to get a little embarrassing and I wanted to yell to her to let someone else score a goal! She does need to learn that she doesn't need to steal the ball away from her own teammates though!

Chloe has her friend Sutton on her team, but we caught up with her other friends Betsey and Carsen at the fields too! These girls are a mess when they get together!

Connor's game was right after Chloe's. I think sitting through Chloe's game wore him out a little and he was tired and kept saying his belly hurt. So I don't think he was really into it. He loved wearing his jersey though!

Chloe and Cooper had fun cheering for Connor and his team!

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