Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, so after being snowed in since Monday night, and 21 inches of snow later...I'm back to work today. But my car is still stuck in the garage so David is driving me around and delivering me where I need to be. I wish I could have stayed home, but after already missing 3 work days during our busiest time of the month, I had to catch up.
And after all we've been through this's snowing again...right now! And more snow is coming Sunday and possibly more next Wednesday! I'm over it already!
I've missed doctor appointments, sales at both JCPenny's and Kohl's, my favorite restaurants are closed down, and I've run out cookies and other groceries! I can't receive my mail and most importantly my packages from online shopping! Peanut doesn't want to go outside to use the potty, and Brutus is getting cabin fever! This isn't fun anymore!

At least I've kept up with my Project 365:

This is David preparing for the cold by added more weather stripping to the front door...with Brutus' help of course.


The snow.


When I ran out of cookies, we made Snow Ice Cream!


Peanut snoozing on my lap. He's such a cuddle bug...and btw...Brutus is catching on to this and trying to do the same thing. Brutus will sit at the edge of the couch and stare at me for a while and then all of a sudden he jumps up on the couch and tries to sit on my lap like Peanut does. Neither one of them are allowed on the furniture, but I usually let Peanut sit with me if he's laying on a blanket. And of course, I have to let Brutus sit up there for a little bit too. I can't play favorites!

2/4/11 This was downtown this morning when David brought me in to work. The streets of downtown were worse than any other part we had to drive through. They can't just plow the streets because the snow would get pushed up on the sidewalks so they have to haul it out and from what I hear there is no where to haul it. We saw 4 cars and 1 bus get stuck while we were driving to my building downtown. There is NO WAY my car would have made it!

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