Tuesday, July 21, 2015

3 1/2

The twins turned 3 1/2 on Sunday and we celebrated all weekend long and then some on Monday.

Friday night, David and I took them to see the Minions. We didn't tell them the plan and I surprised them with matching Minion shirts and told them that we were leaving to go see the movie right then! They were so excited.

We spent the rest of the weekend mostly in our jammies playing around the house and in the back yard swimming.

We took Cooper to school on Monday morning but the rest of us played hooky and went to Big Splash for the day!
We had so much fun and I loved spending that extra special time with them.

My big, handsome, independent boy.
He is sweet, sensitive, caring and my best snuggler.
He is the typical oldest child. He is the responsible, rule follower that loves to help me and takes care of his sister and brother. He is the leader and Chloe is usually the follower.
He loves doing everything himself. He dresses himself every morning which is fantastic for me! He even helps Chloe if she needs it.
He is all boy and loves superheroes, Ninja Turtles, trucks, sports, and fixing things.
He loves watching Paw Patrol, Avengers, Thomas, Blaze, and Ninja Turtles.
He is loving all things summer and swimming is by far his favorite thing to do.
He's a very picky eater and will tell me that his belly will hurt if he eats too much.
He tells me that he only likes my spaghetti and not the spaghetti at school.
He won't go to bed until I sing our special night night song to him and he always gives me 2 hugs and 2 kisses when we say bye in the mornings.

My crazy, crazy Chloe.
She is carefree and goes at her own pace which drives me crazy but I love it about her at the same time.
She gives us (and when I say us, I mean mainly David) unexpected hugs and kisses all the time.
She says "but I'm trying to say something" at least 50 times a day.
Where Connor is more independent, she has to be pushed a little more (and then she will tell me that it's "not nice to push momma").
She's a girly girl that loves all things pink, princesses, playing dress up, and dolls. But also loves playing Spiderman, cars, and blocks with Connor. She is also more likely to get dirtier than Connor will.
She loves to swim and is fearless. She loves showing us everything she learns.
She still loves watching Frozen along with Paw Patrol, Blaze, My Lil Ponies, and now Strawberry Shortcake.
She hates her curly hair and asks for Elsa or Anna braids everyday (which I'm terrible at!).
She loves books and has been telling us that she wants to learn her letters so she can learn to read. But in the meantime, she reads us her own version of the stories.

They really are each other's sidekick. They fight and play and laugh and argue over and over again. Lately, when they disagree about something, they have started telling the other one that they won't be best friends with them at school anymore. I have no idea where this came from but it's like a threat to the other one that they better straighten up or else. But almost every day when I pick them up, they are usually playing with each other.
When they're unsure about something new or scared for whatever reason, I see them latch on to each other. Like at Big Splash yesterday...they were both a little intimidated by the wave pool and Connor would not go in without Chloe and when they both finally went in, he grabbed her hand and held on tight until he felt secure enough and started having fun. And I was right there, but he doesn't reach for my hand, he reaches for her. I love that about their relationship and I hope they always reach for each other.

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