Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Happy Birthday David!

David's birthday was yesterday and we celebrated with cupcakes on Tuesday night. Then we had donuts Wednesday morning and met for lunch.
Last night, he opened his cards and gifts before we all went to watch him play in his soccer game.

He plays soccer at least once a week and has since I've known him. I used to go to every game before we were married and then I started going less and less, and then I completely stopped when the kids came because it was too hard to take them all by myself and most of their games are either during nap times on the weekends or bedtime during the week. So he really appreciated that we all went last night.
The kids LOVED it. Connor and Chloe played with cousins and other kids the whole time and Cooper ran around getting into everything and eating snacks but had the best time. I wish we could go every week but it made for a very late night and a bunch of grumpy kids this morning!

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