Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Kiddie Park

We drove up to the Kiddie Park in Bartlesville on Friday night.

We were first in line for the roller coaster because the line got so long last time we were there and we never got to ride it.

Cooper watched their every move.

Then it was on to the pirate ship and rockets.

Next up was the trucks.
My brother actually painted this huge mural for the Kiddie Park this past year.
So glad we finally got to see it in person!

After the trucks were the little cars. Finally something Cooper could ride.

The boats.

Then it was time to ride their favorite ride, the airplanes.
They had trouble getting their airplane in the air the first ride but quickly figured it out the second time.

Next to the airplanes were the swings and bumper cars.
We rode a few more rides before riding the train and then the carousel.
It was about 9:00 by this time and Cooper was so sleepy, but he hung in there and didn't want to miss a thing. He's such a good baby and barely ever gets fussy if he's tired.
We rode 2 more rides before we headed to the car to get our jammies on and head home.
Until Next year...

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