Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Chloe's first dance recital!

This weekend was Chloe's dance recital.  She has been going to dance class every Monday since September so this has been a big build up! 

We spent 4 hours at rehearsal on Friday night.  It was a long night but the girls had fun waiting their turn for practice.  Connor, not so much...
The dance studio had a big sister/little sister program that we participated in and this was Chloe's Big Sister for the year, Kaiya. They exchanged gifts and gave each other good luck hugs.

The next day, we rushed around after soccer to get everyone to take a nap and then get ready for the recital. It was a big deal and she kept telling me how excited she was.
After we got all dressed, she let me take some pictures of her on the front porch.
The whole family ready to go support our girl!
She had 4 total dances to perform and she did SO good. She was so cute and kept looking for us and when she spotted us she would wave and then continue on with her dance.
Chloe is on the far left with her hair down.
After it was over, I went to find her and gave her a big bouquet of flowers. She said "Are those for me?!" It think it was the best part of her night. She was so proud of herself and just ate all of the attention up.
Chloe and her bestie Betsey on the red carpet. Their smiles say it all.

The whole family came to watch our little tiny dancer in her first performance. She made us all so proud!
She is obsessed with the flowers and wants to talk about them all the time. She requested that they stay in her room and she wants to take them with her everywhere we go.

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