Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cooper is 2!

Cooper turned 2 while we were in Florida! What better way to spend your birthday?!

At 2 years old, Cooper is 31 pounds and 35 inches tall.
He is a mess. I call him Dennis the Menace all the time because he is just crazy. He is our wild child for sure!
He is ornery and funny and so smart!
He talks a lot and has started interrupting the twins when they are talking by yelling "My talking!".
He loves to irritate and pester them by taking their toys away or wrestling with them. But he is so sweet to them and wants to be around them and do everything they do all the time.
He has used the potty a few times but he mainly just tells us he needs to potty so he can flush it.

He loves to swim! He jumps off the side, dives, and goes down the slide just like the big kids do.

He eats really good and loves blueberries, grapes, green beans, and "oot snacks" (fruit snacks).

He sleeps like a teenager. If it's a weekend or a day with no school, he will sleep from 8:00 pm until around 10:00 am when I go in to wake him up. He will then take a 3 hour nap in the afternoon. He loves his sleep.

And even though he says he is "Daddy's boy", I know he has a special place for me. He will walk into a room where I am and say with his sweet little voice "Hi momma!", like he hasn't seen me in days. If I bend down to give him a hug he squeezes me and then says "kisses" and gives me the sweetest little kisses.
He comforts anyone that is crying, including myself.
And even though he takes me on an emotional roller coaster every day with his 2 year old temper tantrums, his rough and tough boy play with finger guns and ninja swords, and his sweet dirty mouth kisses, there is something super special about that last baby. He will always be my little surprise miracle and I think he secretly knows that and that's why that little stinker runs the house!
He's the luckiest little boy in the world with so many people that just love and adore him.

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