Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Cooper's 2nd Birthday Party!

Cooper loves the show and the toys from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. He loves pretending he's a pirate too and everything is a sword or a gun.

When I was thinking of Cooper's birthday party, I knew it was going to be a pool party, obviously because we just got the pool! So what better theme than a Jake/Pirate Pool party?!

The kids loved the inflatable swords and eye patches!

He is such a silly, happy boy.
 He seems so much more grown up than the twins did at their 2nd birthday party.
 He was way into all of it and loved the attention, the toys, the people, the cupcakes, and the presents. He took his time and inspected each one of them.
He swam all day long.

What's a Pirate pool party without a Pirate ship, right?!

We had lots of pirate foods to eat!

Everyone had so much fun! The party lasted all day and it was a great first pool party!

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