Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Connor & Chloe's Wild Kratts Birthday Party!

Connor and Chloe love the show Wild Kratts on PBS. They love learning about different animals and are always telling me random "creature facts".
 So of course, we just had to do a Wild Kratts birthday party complete with Safari Joe and his animals!

Safari Joe asked Connor if he wanted a party hat so Connor jumped right up ready to get his "party hat". Turns out, the party hat was a giant tarantula!!
Connor loved it though!
There was a little turtle and a big turtle, some kind of dragon.
Chloe got a birthday kiss from a blue-tongued lizard and Connor got a birthday hug from a snake!
When Safari Joe brought out the biggest snake, all the kids scampered away and some even hid under the table! Cooper didn't know what to think!
The snake's name was Banana.
We even got to pet an alligator and hold a dove!
Connor and Chloe sang right along to Happy Birthday with everyone and blew out their candles as quick as they could so they could open their presents. Apparently, they had told all of their friends at school exactly what they wanted!

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