Monday, April 18, 2011

Out with the old

We had a garage sale at the house on Saturday and it was a big success! A few weeks ago, I started looking around the house and I realized that I had a bunch of stuff in almost all of our closets that wasn't being used. It was mostly home decor that I had brought from the old house and has planned on putting it somewhere in the new house when I had found the perfect spot for it. Well, all of the spots had been taken over by new stuff and I realized the old stuff would never be used. So I needed to get rid of it. I didn't think I had enough stuff for a full on garage sale, so I invited my friend Kristen to bring some of her items over. We both ended up having more to sell than we originally thought we would and it turned into a pretty big sale. We had a pretty cute Lemonade vendor out front too.
This is Addy, Kristen's daughter. She asked everyone that came up the driveway if they wanted some lemonade. If they said yes, she would pour them a cup of lemonade and then tell them "Now you need to give me money" with a really cute 4 year old smile attached to it. That was her way of asking for a tip. How can you resist that?!? I got rid of most of my junk and made $403.75! My first purchase I made with my earnings was 2 of these:

Something else for David to assemble! As of right now, David has 6 chairs, one bench, and one side table waiting in the garage for assembly. And these stools are supposed to arrive sometime later this week, so I think he's got a full weekend! :)

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