Friday, October 21, 2011

23 Week Doctor Appointment

Sorry, no pictures today.

We had our 23 week appointment with the doctor this week and everything is still looking good. At the appointment with him we only got to see the babies on his little hand held ultrasound machine, but we got to see those heartbeats, so I was content with that.
I asked him when he would start checking my cervix because I feel like baby boy is really low (and in my mind he could just fall out if I sneeze!). The doctor assured me that he is in a normal position but wanted to put my mind at ease so he ordered me to do a real ultrasound with the tech.

So the next day I was back in the doctors office for my ultrasound. The cervix checked out perfect, so no worries there. I did get to see that there is a head and a hand right on my cervix. Baby boy is just hanging out down there. And he was just talking away like he had to much to say. I'm so excited to meet this little boy that has such a big personality with his constant movement and now the jibber jabber.

Then we moved up to her and noticed that they are kind of facing each other, both heads down and feet turned in to each other. So when they kick, it's likely they kick each other. And that makes is difficult for me to determine who is kicking when I feel it (like I do as I'm typing this).

But I definitely know where her head is because she likes to stretch it out and I get a really hard spot on the side of my belly. He does the same thing, only lower and that usually happens when I get up from sitting too long. It's like he has to readjust.

I was not expecting to get to see them at the ultrasound appointment since it was just for my cervix. But it was such a happy surprise.

On a random note...I like to think that they're dancing when I'm on my way to work and I have the radio turned up loud. I used to turn it up loud on my drive in to help me wake up a little bit, but now I do it to feel them moving and shaking in there.

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