Friday, October 7, 2011

Happy Friday

I just wanted to do a quick post since it's been about a week since my last post. I didn't want anyone to think something was wrong or anything!

Not much has been going on, but yet at the same time we've been so busy! We've just had something to do every night this week for some reason and now I'm ready for the weekend!

I'm 21 weeks today! I'm only doing belly pictures and stats every 2 weeks for now, but since a post is no fun without a picture...I went to the bathroom here at work and took one for you.

I've gained 21 pounds so far, so that averages out about a pound a week, right? No! I didn't gain weight very fast at first, but now I'm gaining about 2-3 pounds a week! It's my own fault though, I need to get out and go walking more. So my new goal is to walk at least 4 times a week. That shouldn't be too hard, right?

The babies are moving around all the time and I love it. It's really the best feeling I've ever had. David has finally felt them moving too. It's very far and in between, but when we're laying in bed at night watching tv he'll lay his hand on my belly and just wait for something to happen. They will be moving around like crazy and then turn shy as soon as he puts his hand on my belly. Then the night before last, he finally felt a good big kick.

I still have about a week and a half before my next doctor's appointment, but them moving around is all I need to know they're ok for the moment.

The nursery is coming along a little more. I got the bedding in, but I need to wash the sheets and iron a few things before I'm ready to post any pictures. I think I have all of the art for the walls too, just have to paint a few frames before I can hang them all up. I'm ordered a new light fixture and a rug that should be here in the next few days.

Then all I will have to do is hang something above their cribs with their names on it. Oh, but we have to figure out their names before that happens! I'm pretty sure we won't know those until they get here and we can see them. I never thought I would be that person...that has to see what they look like before I can name them. I thought picking out names would be the easiest thing ever. Growing up, I would hear a name and put it back in my head to keep for whenever I finally had kids, but over time, my taste has changed, new names have come out, our friends started having kids and using some of the names, etc. Not to mention all the pressure of picking out a name. They are stuck with it forever and it has to grow with them! It also has to go with our last name and then we have the task of also picking out middle names! I do have to say, it's probably the most stressful thing about the whole pregnancy. So if that's all I have to worry about, I have no complaints (except that even my calves are getting fat!).

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