Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Christmas PJs

I've become a little obsessed with Christmas pajamas. They are just so freaking cute and there are too many out there to choose from, so I got a few. And what's the fun of having so many cute pjs and only getting to wear them one time?! So we have been wearing them on the weekends if we aren't going anywhere. Yes, I change them out of their normal pjs and put on Christmas pjs when they wake up.
It's fun, don't judge.
The weather was so nice on Sunday that we decided to run up to the park for a few minutes after lunch. And yes, we went in our Christmas pjs!
My little Christmas monkey climbing in her chair...
I love bath time pictures too, so here are a few recent ones.
They do have bath toys, but of course they choose to play with the shampoo and brush.
Can you see Connor's curls?! His hair is getting long!

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