Wednesday, January 28, 2015


Chloe started an Intro to Dance class on Monday night.
She wanted to take dance with her friend Betsey but she signed up back in September and I really didn't feel like Chloe was ready then. I wanted her to be fully out of diapers and a little bit older. So my plan was to sign her up when she turned 3.
 Well, Betsey's class is full so we had to go to a different studio and Chloe didn't really understand that part on Monday night. She kept saying "I guess Betsey's not here tonight."  It was so sad.
I was a little nervous when we were the only ones there at first, but eventually, another little girl (named Chloe) came in. The teacher said there are 3 more in the class but she wasn't sure why they weren't there. Again, still a little nervous when there is only one other little girl there! But it worked out because Chloe got a little more special attention for her first time there.
The teacher said she did really good for her first time. She did lose focus a lot and had a hard time staying on her marker on the floor, but I'm sure that's something that will just happen with time. It's a little later at night than I would like so Chloe does get a little tired at the end and she's ready to go. But again, I think that's something she will get used to.

And if she doesn't like it, then we'll stop. I think she's still too young to fully get into something like this so it's just for fun for us and something she can do on her own without Connor there. And if she does like it, we'll figure out how we can get into Betsey's class at next enrollment.  I do think she would enjoy it more with someone she knows.

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