Monday, January 26, 2015

Our Weekend

Crawling just isn't enough for this big boy...
After only 6 days of his new independence, he thinks he needs to pull up on everything and prefers to be standing up now.
He was even doing it at nap time, so it was time to lower the mattress.
Connor and Chloe aren't too excited about Cooper being on the move.  He is quick to crawl to wherever they are and I think he's pestering them a little bit.  Connor has more of a tolerance for it but Chloe asked me to put Cooper night night at one point so he wouldn't bother her while she played on the ipad.
Chloe and I had some one on one girl time Friday night when I straightened her hair for the first time after her bath.
She first said she looked like Harper, her friend at school that has straight hair about the same color as Chloe's and then she kept saying she looked like Rapunzel. Then she said she wanted to show Cameron (her boyfriend at school that I just found out about that day).
It made for a super cute pony tail on Saturday morning and it made me wish she had straight hair all the time, but I'm not signing up for an extra chore of straightening her hair every day!
She looked like such a big girl!

We did some coloring and played inside in the morning.

And then played outside in the afternoon.

We're ready for spring!

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