Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Birthday Weekend

David's birthday was a few weeks ago and his gift from me was tickets to the Dallas Cowboys game this past weekend. And since the game fell on the weekend of my birthday, we celebrated together with a short trip down to Texas.

We stopped at the outlet mall in Allen to do a little shopping (my part of the birthday weekend). We got a few things for the babies and a few things for ourselves, including my gift from David...

A Coach diaper bag! I know it's silly to some, but I've dreamed of having a Coach diaper bag since we started trying for a baby. I love my Coach bags and it's only right to keep my style going while I'm out and about with my babies!

The outlet mall was also the place where I'm pretty sure I felt a baby move for the first time. I was waiting on David to get out of the restroom and I felt a flutter and it was like I knew right away what it was. So I concentrated and waited for it to happen again and it did! I got very emotional and excited about it. It hasn't happened since then, but I'm on constant alert for it!

The next day, we spent some time at the hotel pool. The hotel was pretty dead all weekend long, so we had the pool to ourselves.

It seems like the belly grew a little more while we were down there. I'm not sure if it was all the food I ate the night before or if it's actually the babies growing.

After a quick nap, we made our way to Cowboys Stadium.
Please ignore my hair!! It was 104 degrees outside and I knew I would be walking so it was up in a ponytail but it looks horrible!! So just look at David in each photo, thanks!

The Stadium was AMAZING! This is what we saw when we walked in. And it was nice and cool in there! I love enclosed sporting events!

And this screen was incredible! I would love to watch some Real Housewives of New Jersey on that thing!
The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders! They are all gorgeous!
How would you like to have your belly front and center on that giant screen?!
And this is what happens when the Cowboys are being introduced. Very exciting! And you can feel that heat all the way up in the stands.

We even saw Troy Aikman in a suite a few feet away from us.

It'll probably be a very long time before we're able to run off for a weekend trip like this again, so I'm glad we did this. Happy Birthday to us!

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