Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Today's doctor's appointment

Even though I'm not technically 15 weeks until Friday, I had my 15 week check up today. I'm happy report that everything looks good! Ok, not good...GREAT!

I didn't get a full ultrasound like I'm used to. Instead the doctor brought in this little hand held thing that was about the size of an iPhone, just a little thicker, with a scope on the end. It was a portable ultrasound machine! And we could see the babies on it perfectly. We saw the hearts beating and the babies moving around. Baby B was moving around a lot more which is normal because this one has been our show off the whole time.

The machine was so good that we even got to see the sex of each baby on there! Ok, so I know this is where I would be announcing if they are boys or girls but I have to keep you waiting a little longer. I can let you now that we do already know and we have known since before the embryos were even transferred into my uterus. How is that possible you ask? Well here's how it works...
Do you remember that PGD test I told you about? The one where the embryologist did a biopsy on the embryos and sent it off to a lab to test all of the chromosomes for abnormalities? Well, that's how we know...your gender is the 24th chromosome, so the test was also able to tell us that little bit of information. And we didn't have an option of not finding out because our fertility doctor blurted it out to us the day of the transfer. So we've known since before I was technically pregnant!

But I do have to say it's much different when we finally get to see what we have known about all this time. Not that I doubted the chromosome evidence or anything, but it was good to finally have the confirmation.

The genders will be revealed stay tuned!

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