Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nursery Inspiration

As soon as people found out the genders of the babies, they asked 1 of 2 questions.
"Have you picked out names yet?!" and "How are you doing the nursery?!"

So to answer your first question...No, no names yet. We've talked about a few and our favorites have changed about 3 times. It stresses me out because I feel like it's a huge decision that my children will live with for the rest of there lives, literally! So we don't get very far in that discussion.

And for the second question...I've decided to put them both in the same nursery. So that means, it needs to be gender neutral. And I really like the color combination of yellow, gray, and white. But when people hear yellow for gender neutral, their eyes roll back in there heads with disgust. So I thought I would share a few pictures I found on Pinterest that gave me a little inpiration.


I've decided to do gray and white stripes on the wall (or I mean, I've decided to have David do gray and white stripes on the wall!). Even though I love this Chevron pattern, I think we will go with a simpiler plain horizontal stripe instead.
I already have a white dresser in the room and now I'm on the hunt for white cribs that are close to the same white as the dresser.

I've picked out my bedding but just haven't ordered it yet. I'm thinking a yellow bumper, white sheets, and a steel gray bed skirt for both cribs.
And I plan on doing a collage of art and pictures in shades of yellow, white, and gray above the dresser.


This is a better picture of horizontal stripes but I think I'll make ours thicker.


  1. These photos are gorgeous! Can't wait to see it all come together.

  2. Just found your babies' nursery. It's great that my boy's room was your inspiration.