Monday, August 29, 2011

The Gender Reveal Party

As you can tell from my previous post...We are having a BOY and a GIRL!!!

A few of our friends hosted a gender reveal party for us on Friday. The theme was "What will they 'Bee'?"

Me & my mom

David & I

I had ordered cupcakes with the appropriate filling to match the genders of the babies. Everyone was supposed to bite into a cupcake to find out what we were having! And those are little jars of honey for everyone to take home.

Everyone also brought a package of diapers. I got VERY excited about this considering how many diapers we'll be going through with 2 babies!

Me enjoying my Capri Sun. Kristen thinks it's hilarious that I drink these and she always takes a picture when she catches me.

David gave a speech...

He told everyone that this was the best "sex" party he's ever been too. Such a funny guy!

I didn't have anything good to follow that with so I just thanked everyone for coming and for being so supportive of us (while David drank his worries away).

And then everyone bit into their cupcakes.

This is my mom comparing her cupcake with my dad's. And then realizing that it's a boy and a girl. She was convinced it was 2 girls so I think she was in shock. My dad looks very content on just finishing his cupcake.

We were finally happy to be able to share our secret!

We are so excited and can't wait to meet our babies. We really couldn't ask for anything more.

My hostesses

Amy, Molly, Me, Kristen, and Shaye
They did such a good job!

Then it was time to make phone calls to the rest of the family to spread the news. I was trying to call my Mamaw that lives in Alabama and she wasn't answering!! She finally called me back later. It was such a good party (thank you girls!) and we are so happy we got to share that moment with everyone.

And last night I decorated cookies for David and I to take to work to share the news with our co-workers.

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