Thursday, September 13, 2012


In the last month or so, Connor has become super attached to his "bink". He used to just want it when he was napping or going to bed at night, but now he wants it all the time. If he doesn't have it, he's looking for it or his thumb is in his mouth and he is drooling all over the place.
Just in the last week, Chloe has started becoming attached to her bink as well. She used to just play with it at nap time or bedtime but then spit it out and it was lost in her crib until the next time. But now, she's sleeping with it in her mouth and when she's up playing in her crib she will find it and pop it in and keep on playing.
And when they're playing together, his bink becomes her target. Just like with all of the toys, she wants only what he has, even if she already has her bink! She scoots, leaps, or frog jumps over to him and goes straight for the bink in his mouth, pops it out and sticks it in her mouth or just plays with it if she has one in her mouth. Sometimes she spits hers out to put his in.
I used to try to keep everything that went into their mouths separate so they wouldn't be sharing so many germs, but it's pointless and basically impossible! They chew on the same toys, the same blankets, the same teething rings. They steal everything from each other and the first place it goes is into their mouths. So now we just share everything, including germs!
The other morning, after I got the babies dressed I put them both into Chloe's crib to play for a minute while I finished getting things ready for us to leave the house.
 I looked over to see this:
She was laying in his lap and had just stolen his bink. So I grabbed my phone to take pictures and just watched how they interacted with each other.
He's watching her with his bink!
Poor Connor is going to have to start standing up for himself because she's going to run the show!
He's trying to figure out his next move...
And there it is...he found her bink!
I think I'm just going to have to start buying gender neutral binks!

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