Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just in the last 24 hours!

We've had some big developments just in the last 24 hours!
First, Connor has said his first word! And of course it's "Dada". I knew it was going to be so I didn't fight it and try to get him to say "mama" first. Every day we say "dada" at random times to try to get one of them to say it back and yesterday Connor was saying it when I picked him up from day care. So when we got home we practiced some more so we could show daddy when he got home. I caught it on camera just in case he wouldn't do it when David got home.

He kept saying it all night.  And when I put him down for a nap before dinner, he laid in the bed whining and saying "da da da da".  It was so cute.
And then as I'm listening to Connor going to sleep, I check the monitor and see this:

A couple of days ago, she figured out how to sit up on her own and she usually does it when they're playing on the floor. But this was the first time she has done it in her crib. She sat there and played for about 40 minutes before she laid down and took a nap. And if you look closely, you can see that she has a bink in her mouth! She never has a bink but I guess she found it in her crib and stuck it in her mouth. I noticed she had it in her mouth this morning when I left for work too.
They're getting so big! So many changes all at once. I never thought about all the different milestones happening times 2! It's so exciting!

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