Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Playing Outside

It was nice outside yesterday evening so we took the babies out to play.
My sweet boy! I just want to squeeze him and kiss all over him all the time!
I am horrible at dressing them! I had all of these dreams about how cute my kids would look EVERY DAY, but it's not reality. Of course, they always look cute to me, but it's hard trying to figure out what the weather is going to do each day and I also want them in something comfortable for Day Care. I also want them in something that isn't going to stress me out if they get a stain on it or something at Day Care. Also, bows and headbands are usually out of the question during the week because I'm sure they would just get taken off and lost at Day Care. So Chloe spends most days without them.  And I was so worried about being able to dress a boy because when I would go shopping I would also find the cutest little girl stuff but never anything for boys.  But it turns out, Connor is so much easier to dress than Chloe is!  Boys are just t-shirts and shorts and that's it!  Girls are top, shorts, skirts, dresses, leggings, tights, headbands and bows.  Too many accessories!
 So this is what they usually look like during the week (and on the weekends unless we have somewhere specific to go).
Chloe is crawling all over the place now. She knows she can get to where she needs to go and she loves her freedom! Connor is on the move too but he does more of an army crawl right now. He's pretty quick though...

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