Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Toddler Talk

Connor and Chloe are talking so much these days! And they are talking on their own, not just repeating words we ask them to repeat. It's so weird to hear them communicate their own thoughts! So I thought it was time to start documenting the funny things they say.
Disclaimer: Remember my last post where Connor was the cooperative one and would have sat still for me all night long while I snapped away and Chloe was the crazy one running all over the place and she kept telling me "I going"? Well, just like every day in our house, they switched and Chloe was hanging around for all of the pictures and Connor was acting like this:
And this:
So this post will be a bunch of pictures of just Chloe.
I bought this stroller from our next door neighbor's garage sale this weekend and it's her new favorite toy.
She said her first sentence 2 weeks ago (at least it was the first sentence I heard her say). We were playing on the back porch and they were riding in their cars and she was following Connor around in his car and she said "I want to ride it!". It was plain as day and even David heard the same thing I did (so I didn't make it up in my mind!).
(This is what I got when I asked her to smile for me.)
When we are outside playing, she says "Ready...Go!" and runs around.
We show the kids pictures of themselves on the iPad and they like to point out who is who and the other day she saw a picture of herself and said "Chloe!" and then she pointed to herself and said "I Chloe!".
When we try to get her out of the bathtub, she lays on her stomach and moves her arms like she is swimming and says "I swimming!".
And her favorite word is..."NO!"
*The kids stayed at my mom's house the night before we had our garage sale so we could get stuff ready and she said that Connor walked right by Chloe and said "Hi Chloe!" just as plain as can be. Well they all laughed at him so he figured out everyone thinks that's funny so I hear him say it all the time. Only now he also says "Hi Daddy!" "Hi Momma!" and "Hi Chloe!" and he says it all in a high pitched sweet little voice.
*The other day, they kids were off playing in a room they weren't supposed to be in and I yelled down the hallway "Hey guys..." to try to get their attention to come out of the room. When Connor finally came out of the room he was saying "Hey guys" and not like the way I was saying it. He was saying it like he was actually greeting people he hadn't seen in a while. It's so funny so of course I have him say it over and over.
*The kids were playing in the living room and watching tv (of course) and I was in the kitchen washing dishes and I hear Connor yelling something over and over again (it's something he does with everything he says!) but he was yelling it really loudly, like he was really excited. So I turned off the water so I could hear him as he runs in to the kitchen to tell me all about it and I couldn't figure out what he was saying until I looked at the tv and there was a turtle on it. He was yelling "TURTLE! TURTLE!" like he had just seen a celebrity or something. He couldn't believe there was a turtle on tv!

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