Monday, September 30, 2013

Big Kids!

I feel like the kids changed so much this weekend! We were so busy and they handled it way better than I expected! Chloe has been sick for a week, so I was really worried about how she was going to act when we decided to have a few people over to watch football on Saturday.
These pictures can sum up how our morning was going before everyone arrived...
That's Chloe pretending to cry.
Neither one of them wanted to give up their binks and they were fighting over everything! Here, they had just been fighting over the iPad (that I gave them because they were fighting over something else and I was trying to distract them for a few minutes so I could get some stuff done!). Connor wanted it all to himself, so I gave Chloe my phone and they will both STILL in tears!
Even after they woke up from their nap, still before any guests, they were VERY fussy! We fought to get them dressed and they were screaming even as the door bell was ringing.
  But within about 2 minutes, it all changed. Both kids were down and running around and playing like nothing ever happened. I barely even saw them the rest of the day except when they were walking through the room I was in or when they would come find me for more snacks (yes, they lived on snacks all day!) and of course when I would peak my head outside or upstairs to check on them.
They were so busy all day that these are the only pictures I could get of them! I'm just thrilled with how they acted and how they played so well with each other and with all of the other kids. No fighting and no tantrums. I couldn't believe it! I think having snacks in their hands all day might have helped a little!
These are Connor and Chloe's cousins Walker and Jagger. I found them all on the stairs together.
  Connor and Chloe were so wound up from all of the excitement, they didn't want to go to bed that night! But as soon as we put them down, they were out within minutes. Luckily they slept in a little on Sunday and then we all got up and got ready to go to Disney on Ice at the fair!
I was a little worried about how they were going to act during the show, since it was going to be so close to their nap time and they were already acting sleepy on the way there.
They loved seeing Mickey and Minnie and they would just point to them over and over. Chloe's favorite part was at the end of each little thing where everyone would clap. She would drop whatever she was holding to clap along.
Chloe would have sat perfectly still through the whole thing but Connor lost interest pretty quickly.
After the show, we loaded them up in the stroller and it wasn't long before we found them like this...
I knew they were going to be tired since they usually stick to their nap schedule every day.  So I was prepared with binks and blankies and they just went right to sleep!
They slept for over an hour while we walked around.

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  1. Your twins are so cute. My twins are 5 months younger, I love to read to see what stage is coming up next! I can not get mine to sit together anymore for pictures either :)