Wednesday, October 2, 2013

"And Chloe!"

Last night, we were swinging on the swing set. And we would push Connor and say "Look at Connor!" and every time we did that, Chloe would say "And Chloe!". She was swinging too and we would say the same thing to her, like "look at Chloe!" and she would say "Chloe!". But she wanted to make sure every time we said Connor that we said "and Chloe!"
They very rarely hold hands, so I don't think I have a picture of them walking and holding hands yet. I tried to take a picture of David walking with them but Chloe insisted on walking with me, so I handed the camera off to David.
Playing Ring Around the Rosie...
I think Connor thinks that if they are holding hands that they are automatically going to play Ring Around the Rosie. But Chloe really wasn't in the mood so she ran away and left Connor in tears.
And then he got upset that she was playing in his truck, but also notice how he is playing in HER Jeep! Not really sure how he can justify that one!
She came over and patted him on the back...
And gave him a hug...
And tried to give him a kiss...
But none of that helped and he cried all through their bath, all through getting their jammies on, and up until they went to bed.
  I'm not sure if he was just overly tired or if this is a new temper tantrum phase because we had another fit this morning when I was getting him dressed. He didn't want to take his fire truck jammies off and he acted like it was the end of the world!
  I hope I survive this toddler phase...but luckily they seem to switch off with the tantrums.  Last week it was Chloe, so I guess it's Connor's turn now.

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