Monday, October 21, 2013

Such a GOOD weekend!

We had such a good weekend. So good that I'm making 3 posts out of it! We took tons of pictures, and by "we" I mean David took some of me with the kids since I'm never in any pictures!
Friday night, we made cookies. Yes, they were the pre-cut kind but we still put them on the baking sheet together!
We watched cartoons while we waited for them to bake.
I can't get over him climbing on the couch to watch tv. And this is his spot that he chooses every time.
After dinner, we enjoyed our cookies!
Saturday morning, I caught Chloe lining her "babies" up on the stairs and then feeding each of them. She is really starting to pretend play a lot.
After all of the babies were fed, Chloe and I got dressed and went to our first Mommy and Me Dance class.
We had so much fun and we can't wait to go back! It was mainly doing some stretches to warm up, then running around the room following directions, doing different walks and hops across the room and then a few music games. It was basically 30 minutes of fun activities for little kids Chloe's age and a little older. There was 2 boys in the class too and boys are FREE! So I'm hoping Connor will get to come a few times too. But I really enjoyed my one on one time with my girl!

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