Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Last night we went to have our family pictures taken.
We have done this every year since I was pregnant and we use the picture for our Christmas cards. We haven't had our pictures taken since Connor and Chloe's 1 Year pics back in January. But also, keep in mind that my photo loving gal will sit and pose for me about 98% of the time.
  Well, I guess we were in the 2% last night...when I was actually paying money to have their pictures taken and when we were all going to be in pictures together...for our Christmas cards!
The whole way to the location we would practice our "sweet smiles" as we call it. She would smile for me over and over again and think it was so funny!
And when we got to our location, we sat down on our bench and practiced sitting together and Connor practiced putting his arm around Chloe and posing. I just knew we were good to go!
  The second the photographer pointed a camera at Chloe she said "No!" and frowned with her bottom lip out the whole time! WHAT IS HAPPENING?! is all I kept thinking. WHY IS SHE DOING THIS TO ME?!?! I also kept thinking.
Towards the end, I was trying everything. And I ended up telling her that if she just sat down next to Connor without mommy right there, that I would give her a sucker. Well, she sat down right next to him and shouted "SUCKER!" the whole time until tears started streaming down her face.
So needless to say, our session was over and she just kept saying "suuuucker! suuuucker!" over and over again until she finally got her sucker back at the car.
Connor, on the other hand, treated it like he was at a Baby Gap modeling audition and worked it! He would sit where we told him to sit, he would smile when we said smile or even when we just smiled at him. He was loving the camera. So I will at least get some good pictures of my handsome little man. This was his moment. Chloe will just have to have her moment another day, on her time, her way.

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