Tuesday, October 29, 2013


This year, we took Connor and Chloe to HallowZOOeen at the Zoo. It was nothing like I expected at all. I was ready to see the animals but it's nothing like that. You don't see any animals, except we did see the elephants when we rode the train. Everything else is blocked off and there are stations where you trick or treat. I think Connor and Chloe are still too little to really enjoy it, but it might be fun for them next year.
Chloe was also a little clingy and I couldn't get any pictures of them standing next to anything except for at the front of the zoo. She wasn't feeling her best until we were leaving!
Our favorite parts were the carousel and the train of course.
They enjoyed wearing their costumes and seeing the other kids in theirs. There was a little boy dressed like Buzz Lightyear and every time we passed him they would yell "Buzz!". And other little ones would get excited when they saw the Mickey and Minnie costumes.

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