Monday, October 14, 2013

Just the 3 of us

The kids must have heard my whimpers cries for help because this weekend went a lot better than what I was previously complaining about in my last post. And thank goodness because I've been on my own with the kiddos since Friday. David has been out of town for work 7 of the past 9 days so it's just been me and the kids.
I wasn't sure what to plan because it takes a little more work to go places with just me and the kids but I also knew I wanted to keep them busy so we would have less time to throw fits and fight.
We went to two different parks, went shopping at Target, watched movies, played in the playroom, played outside, painted, and watched more movies. We had very few fights and even less temper tantrums. They played together so good and even shared a little. Connor even brought Chloe toys to play with and her blanket a few times. They held hands at the park and would slide down the slide together.
They are big enough to climb up the stairs to the slide on their own now so they just went over and over and all I had to do was stand at the end of the slide to make sure they didn't go too fast and slide right off. They went down the slide at least 30 times back to back and they laughed every single time.
Saturday morning, we just played around the house in our jammies. They found their pumpkins from last Halloween when I was cleaning out closets to move Chloe to her new room and they have played with them ever since. I call Chloe the bag lady because she walks around with 2 purses and both pumpkins. I told them I wanted to take some pictures of them and this is what I got.
Yesterday afternoon turned out really nice. So after our nap (and yes momma took a nap too!), we ate our snack outside and played and painted.
I had my hair in a ponytail and Chloe took notice and kept touching her hair to see if she had one too. So I gave her pigtails. She thought it was funny to have "two!" ponytails.
Proof that they were actually playing together!
His hair is a curly mess! I've trimmed it myself twice but I think it's getting out of control. Yes, this is right after nap but it's crazy hair! But I'm still torn on getting him a real haircut just yet.
This was a big deal for me. I would have usually been worried about the mess, but I didn't let that happen. I just handed over the paints and brushes and let them go to town. It did help that the paint is washable and came right off of everything, including their clothes.
They had a lot of fun painting pictures of Mickey and Minnie and they loved telling Daddy about it later on Facetime.
While we were Facetiming, I asked Connor and Chloe if they have had funny with momma while Daddy has been gone and they both nodded their heads yes!
  I had so much fun with them and I'm so very thankful that they gave me a break this weekend so we could all just enjoy each other. I really needed it!

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  1. Such good pictures! I love reading your blog, the small, everyday moments!