Tuesday, October 8, 2013

She's moving out!

This weekend we moved Chloe into her own room! I felt like it was time to separate them. Mainly because they've started waking each other up a lot easier than they used to. I'm not sure why this is happening but it does and it causes a lot of problems for each of them.
She is an early riser and will wake up him earlier than he would like in the mornings, mainly on the weekends since we usually wake them both up during the week. And she will usually nap longer than he will so he is waking her up at nap time. Not to mention, if I try to sneak in to get the one that is awake, somehow the other one always hears me tip toe in there! It never fails. They will sleep through fireworks but my feet on the carpet wakes them up!
So Friday night we made the big change. I wanted to have two full nights of trying it out before we had to go back to work and school just in case they had trouble with their new sleeping arrangements.
  The first night, they both fell asleep like normal, but Chloe woke up at 5:30 the next morning crying. I'm not sure if she didn't know where she was or didn't like being alone, and we still didn't have the monitor set up right so I couldn't judge whether to go in there or not, so of course I went in to check on her and she saw me and refused to lay back down. So we watched Nemo at 5:30 on Saturday morning. But we didn't wake Connor up!
The next night and morning went way better. She slept in until 7:30 and still didn't make a peep. She just played in her crib with her babies until I came and got her up. Yes, we kept them both in their cribs. I'm not ready to make the big change to a toddler bed or bigger. Mainly because she is an early riser and I know the whole house would be up before we wanted to if she got up the first time she woke up in the mornings.
I had this whole plan of getting pictures of her playing with her babies in her own room, but I can't keep them still long enough to do that! Connor wanted to be in her room just as much as she was and it would make her mad. So she would load up her stroller with as much as she could and run out of the room.
Connor is obsessed with blankets!  And there is a basket full of baby blankets in this room and when he found it they were all pulled out and all over the room and the house.  I think he has 4 baby blankets in his bed right now.  He also likes our big throw blankets we have on the couch and will carry them all over the house.
This bedroom is right across from their nursery. I used it as a small playroom,that they never played in, but mainly when I was breastfeeding I would do it in this room and sit on the day bed and watch tv. This room also held the rocker that I used a lot when they were babies and one was having trouble sleeping and I didn't want to wake the other one. So we moved the rocker in to Connor's room and moved Chloe's bed in here. We changed out most of the yellow for new purple curtains and purple bedding that looks like crap because Toddler bedding really doesn't fit properly in a crib! But she needs a real comforter because that room is colder than the rest of the house.
I plan on doing more with this room once she is out of the crib. The day bed is still in there and I'm not sure if that will eventually be her big girl bed or not. I haven't done anything with Connor's room yet except take Chloe's name off the wall. I plan on replacing all the yellow in his room with navy and red and doing an airplane theme. But I was mainly focused on making the transition this weekend.
He likes his new rocking chair though! I don't plan on that staying in there but I'm not sure what to do with it.  I know they aren't babies anymore but they still need to be rocked sometimes and it's so comfy!
We tried to make it a big deal about them having their own rooms so they would be excited about it. So all weekend, they would run from room to room and say "Chloe's bed!" or "Connor's room!" And so far it has been a great decision. I love that they have their own closets and I can go in to get each one up without worrying about waking the other.  

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