Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

We had a busy Labor Day weekend filled with Football games, friends, swimming, and yard work.
Saturday was the kick off to college football and we went over to a friends house to watch a few games. I was so excited to get them in their OU attire and I just knew I would get the cutest picture of them. But of course not.
It was hot outside and Connor wasn't ready to give up his bink from nap time and neither one of them wanted to lose the blankies.
This is what happened when I told them to go sit on the couch together so I could take their picture. They went and sat on the couch, but on opposite sides!
Chloe was willing to have her picture taken, she just didn't want to look at the camera!
The kids had fun playing with all of the big kids and we stayed up way too late.
We've recently added a pergola on to our back porch, and this was our first weekend with it. So on Sunday morning, we ate our breakfast outside.
Connor and Chloe loved it. We live next to a small airport that people fly their little private planes out of and just cruise around in the air close by. They love seeing airplanes and it was so nice outside that there were airplanes everywhere.
Sunday afternoon we had a swimming play date with another set of twins. I didn't get any pictures because we were too busy talking and chasing after our kids. But we had fun!
Monday, we ate breakfast outside again, made a trip to Lowe's, had lunch at Chick-Fil-A, came home to nap (Connor and Chloe napped while David and I worked outside), went swimming with GiGi, then came home and played outside until Dinner was ready.
Connor saw "TWO!" airplanes.
Watching the airplanes.
My sweet curly headed boy!

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