Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Aquarium (In crappy iPhone pictures)

We made our second trip to the Aquarium on Saturday.
Connor &Chloe are really getting into fish and sharks and turtles lately so we thought it would be fun for them to see it again now that they are a little older.
They love to point out the "SHARK!" in their animal book and they almost sat through the whole Finding Nemo movie last week.
I didn't take a camera because I didn't want to take a stroller and a big bag. I wanted to walk around with the kids because I knew we would be lifting them up every 2 seconds to see something new and I didn't want anything extra. So I used my iPhone to try to get a few pictures. They are dark and grainy but oh well.
One of our favorite spots is the big fish tank that the kids can get right up to. We could tell Connor to touch the fish and he would put his hand up to the glass until a fish would swim right past him and he would jump back.
I told Chloe to let me take her picture in front of the turtles and she just kept inching closer and closer to me, so this is what I ended up with. At least she lets me take her picture. She looks so tired already!  And yes, we have to wear the bracelet everywhere.
Then we were off to see the sharks. Connor kept saying "Whoa!" and one time I told Chloe "that's cool!", so she kept saying "Cooool".
After checking out a few more fish, it was time for us to go. They woke up too early that morning and were already getting sleepy. Chloe didn't want to walk anymore and she insisted on me carrying her so she could lay her head down on my shoulder.
We picked up our cheesy family photo we had made when we first walked in and headed home.
I look orange, the kids look unimpressed with the squeaky octopus that the photographer was waving around, and David looks thrilled to be there, but I love everything about this picture.

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