Monday, August 26, 2013

Parallel Playing

When I talk to other twin moms, I always ask if their twins play together or just fight over toys and play on their own. It seems like Chloe and Connor don't really play together, but the play next to each other. They will be playing with their own toys but they will be sitting right next to each other and then the next time I look at them, they have moved to another spot in the room or to another toy but still next to each other. They will push their shopping carts around the house or ride their trains, and one is always following the other but still playing on their own.
Well one twin mom explained it perfectly to me. She called it parallel playing and it clicked with me as soon as she said it. Most of the time Connor and Chloe parallel play with each other. They play side by side without really playing with each other.
So it's very rare that I see things like this...
One of them had pushed the shopping cart full of cars and trucks up to the front of the house and dumped it all out. When I realized how quiet they were being, I found them playing TOGETHER on the floor.
They both had their tongues out too. Not sure what that was about.
Then Connor was showing me how an airplane flies.
I wish they were big enough to go watch the new movie Planes in the theatre. They get excited and shout "AIRPLANE!" every time the commercial for it comes on.
And yes, he has on mix-matched jammies because momma hadn't done laundry yet!  At least both pieces had monkeys on them!

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