Monday, August 19, 2013

Another trip to the Zoo

Friday was so nice and the kids' school was closed for a Staff Development day so David and I both took off work and we decided to go to the zoo.
Connor and Chloe LOVE animals. They love any book that has to do with animals. They love pointing out all of the animals and saying what noises they make and they like for you to point out the animals with them. They have really gotten more into all of this since our last trip to the zoo, so I was excited to see their reaction to all of the animals.
Showing me the elephants.
Waiting on the Sea Lion show to start.
He's not sure about the fake turtle. He kept saying "hot!" and it was. He says everything outside is hot though. I guess it's something they taught them at school...that the concrete might be hot in the sun because as soon as we get in the sun, everything is "Hot! Hot!"
Running to see the giraffes.
I think they are actually posing for a picture! I told them I wanted to get their pictures with the giraffes and this is what happened! There are no giraffes in the picture but at least I got the 2 of them together!
They did just what I thought they would. When they saw an animal they recognized, they would make the noise for that animal over and over. My favorite is the noise they make for an elephant. They raise one of their arms for the trunk and squeal really high.

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