Monday, August 12, 2013

Our weekend

We had a very low key weekend. Friday night, David mowed the yard while we played outside. Connor decided he wanted to ride the "tractor" with Daddy so Chloe and I watched on from the porch. Every time they would make a pass in front of us, Connor would wave to us and yell "HI!", so Chloe would run out there and wave back.
Saturday morning, I had a hair appointment so David took the kids to his parents' garage sale.
 They were supposed to nap when they got back home but Chloe was wired and would not lay down. So I wasn't sure how the rest of the day would go.
But we ended up getting out when Connor woke up. We tried out a new park. Some of the stuff is still a little too big for C&C, like the slides. We didn't find that out until we sent Chloe flying down one. It was a little scary! But they still had fun.
Then we went to our favorite, Chick-Fil-A, for dinner and then Cherry Berry for some yogurt that the kid wouldn't even try!
Sunday morning, David went and played golf so I decided that the kids and I would stay in our jammies.
  We played up in the playroom.
And watched movies.
After our nap, we went swimming for a little bit.
It was a pretty good low-key, busy, relaxing weekend. 

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