Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Some of our favorite things...

I wanted to try to document some of Connor and Chloe's favorite things right now at 18 months. But as you know, it's hard to get them to sit still. I had this big plan of gathering all of their favorite things together and having them sit with them all. That never happened. They don't sit still.
So instead, when I happened to catch them with one of their favorite things, I grabbed my camera or my phone and captured the moment.
This is what I came up with so far...
Chloe loves white donuts!
Connor loves mandarin oranges!
They both love pushing their shopping carts around. Chloe will pile random things in hers like a baby doll, Minnie Mouse, some dishes from their play kitchen, some tupperware, bracelets, etc. And Connor's usually has cars or trucks in his. And sometimes they just push them around with nothing in them.
Chloe loves her pink blankie and her Moo Moo.
Connor loves his blue blankie. He actually has 2 blue blankies and he "loves" which ever one he has in his hands at that moment. And sometimes we have to carry both of them around!
They both love Mickey and Minnie.
They love to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Chloe can name off most of the characters in the opening song. And of course they love the Hot Dog Dance.
They also like to watch Little Einsteins, Bubble Guppies, Sophia the First, Doc McStuffins, and Octonauts. Yes, it sounds like they watch a lot of tv, but it's usually just on in the background when they are playing or when we are getting them ready in the mornings or for bed and weekend mornings, or when I'm trying to make them something to eat. So yes, I guess they watch a lot of tv.
They both love animals and they love looking at their animal book. They are pretty good at naming what the animals are and what sounds they make.
When I took this picture, it reminded me of one of took of them when they were just learning to sit up on their own. This was taken a year ago in almost the same spot in our living room:
I can't believe how big they are getting!
Some things I haven't gotten pictures of yet:
Chloe's baby dolls and Sophia
Connor's cars, trucks, airplane, and tractor.

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