Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Chrismtas #1 2015

We had our first Christmas at GiGi's and Papaws house on Saturday. I attempted to get a picture of all three together since they looked so cute! But you know how that goes...
The twins were so excited to open presents. They understand it this year and could hardly wait.
Connor was the most excited. I kept hearing him say "I've always wanted this!", and "I've wanted this my whole life." and "This is what I've been wanting!" He opened it all up and we didn't see him for 2 days straight.
Chloe loved it too and kept telling GiGi "Thank you".
Cooper loves his rocking horse and says "Yee Haw" when he's riding it.
They have all been playing non-stop with their new toys and their reactions were priceless when I reminded them that we still have 2 more Christmas's to go!

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