Monday, December 14, 2015

Polar Express 2015

Our elves showed up with new Christmas jammies and tickets for us all to go ride the Polar Express!
We had already watched the movie twice last week so they were fully aware of what the Polar Express was.
 When I read the letter from the elves about it Chloe said "We're going to the North Pole?!" and Connor started asking all kinds of questions like he always does. He wanted to know if the hobo was going to be there and if the elves were going to do flips like they do in the movie.
Their teacher said they talked about it all day and it was the first thing out of their mouths when I picked them up. We headed home to change into our jammies and were on our way.
We got on the train and had our tickets stamped and got cookies and hot chocolate.
We even saw the hobo run through our car!
They read the story of the Polar Express and played all the music.
 We passed the North Pole and when we stopped, Santa got on!
Cooper was working on his third cookie and when Santa got on he quickly handed it to me and started saying "Santa. Santa." and pointed.
Santa stopped and gave everyone their very own bell.
The kids loved it and it was definitely very magical.

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