Friday, December 4, 2015

Swimming Pool

This summer, we sold our boat and decided to put a pool in. It's too hard to load up three little ones and take them to the lake every weekend. And we had a soft side pool that the twins used every weekend. They love swimming and we thought this was the best decision for our outdoors loving family!

The process finally started on November 11th. They brought all the machines in and started to dig. The crew had a death in the family that very first day and was gone for the next week and a half dealing with that.
Day 1:
We got another crew in there and after they actually started digging, we hit rock. We knew this was a possibility so it wasn't shocking to us. We even budgeted for the equipment rental and man hours to break up the rock. And there is a LOT of rock.
Day 13:
After 2 days of trying to break out the rock, it started to rain and then it was Thanksgiving so no work really got done.
 This is what it looked like when we got back from Alabama, full of water from all the rain.
Day 19:
After the rain stopped, they got all the water drained out and started adding the rebar.
 Then they discovered that we might have a natural spring in all of our rock. We've been assured that this is just a little snag and it just happens sometimes. I'm not exactly sure what they do about it, but it's fixable.
Day 22:
I have a feeling that this is going to be the kind of project that if it can go wrong, it will...

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