Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Cooper is 18 months old!

Cooper turned 18 months old last week!
I can't believe he is already 1 1/2!
He is a Daddy's boy. Which is so different than how the twins were. They used to never go to Daddy and wanted me to do everything. Cooper wants his daddy all the time.
He loves his bubba and sissy and wants to be right in the middle of everything they're doing. He still needs to work on his sharing a little bit though because he says everything is "Mine!"
His favorite word is "No".
He is obsessed with Santa Claus.
His favorite food is blueberries and has meltdowns when we run out.
He repeats almost everything we say and is trying to have conversations with us. I usually have no idea what he is trying to say but most of the time the twins can translate to me. We have the stairs blocked off but he has started going up to the twins and saying "stairs?" with his hands out like he is asking them if they want to go upstairs and play. And they will just open the gate and let him go upstairs before I even know about it. We're working on this.
He is a little Dennis the Menace. He is into EVERYTHING and is always climbing and doing things he shouldn't be doing.
He plays a game where if we are in the bathroom getting ready, he comes in and closes the door and as he's leaving he says "Bye bye. Love you." and then shuts the door.
He wants to "use the potty" every time we change his diaper.
When he is finished with a meal, he picks up his plate and starts yelling "Done!" and if you don't get to him fast enough, it's dumped all over the floor.
He is the best sleeper out of the 3 by far. He will sleep a solid 12-13 hours a night, no matter what time you put him to bed. And he still takes a 2-3 hour nap every day.
He is a good eater and is hungry a lot. When he gets hungry, he comes into the kitchen, sometimes gets a stool to get a bib out of the drawer and takes it to his high chair and then starts trying to climb in the high chair while he's saying "eat, eat".
I spike his hair up because he has a ton of cowlicks.  The hair naturally stands straight up and I have to add gel to make it look decent.  I'm not used to dealing with this straight, blonde hair!
He is 32 pounds and is wearing 2T clothes (thank goodness for all of Connor's old clothes and shoes!)

We have one little issue with one of his feet turning in and are going to an Orthopedic doctor today to get it checked out. I don't think it's anything serious and I don't really know what they would even do about it. Our pediatrician thinks he will grow out of it and it will straighten up as he grows, but since it's just the one foot and not both, he wants to get him checked out.

He is sweet and funny and so smart. We love our Coopy Coop to pieces.

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