Monday, May 10, 2010


This weekend was super busy and I'm so thankful for that because I was able to keep my mind off the pain I was dreading that Mother's Day would cause. Every year, I keep thinking..."next year I'll get to celebrate Mother's Day for myself. Either I'll have a baby in my arms or I'll be pregnant." But I'm trying not to think that way right now because I can't be sure about that stuff. Not right now anyway.

Anyway, that's all I'm going to say about Mother's Day.

Friday night I did all of my house cleaning and laundry because I knew I was going to be gone all weekend and I wasn't going to feel like doing it on Sunday (my normal cleaning day). We got up Saturday morning and headed to OKC. My parents have sold their house and are moving to the lake and this was moving weekend. We got there after most of the truck was loaded, but there was still alot to do.

That night my brother, Tanner, had his art displayed in a show. It was pretty cool, but it sure made me and David feel really old. We even complained about the music being too loud! The place was full of teens and early 20 somethings, all wearing skinny jeans, hoodies, crazy hair and glasses. The whole thing was put together by this group of boys that included my brother and it amazed me how organized everything was. There was a DJ, a Taco truck outside, and live art where all of the artists would go and contribute to a canvas that was going to be auctioned off later.

This is me and Tanner in front of a van that the boys bought and painted on...

Pay no attention to the grainy picture from my point and shoot or my flat hair!

We got up very early on Sunday and finished packing the uHaul, scrubbed everything down, said goodbye to the house and made the 2 hour journey down I-40 to the lake.

My dad asked if it was sad for me but it really isn't because I said bye to that house when I moved out 10 years ago. It never really felt the same since I left. I don't know, maybe because it wasn't my house anymore. It was the house my parents lived in. I know it has to be a little hard for them though, even if they don't want to admit it. I do know it's hard for them to move away from my brothers and my nephew. Tanner is their baby and the last one to leave the house, just last Wednesday, actually. He just moved into his first aparentment and into the real world. I know my mom was freaking out today when they turned on the tv and saw a tornado headed straight for Yukon, where my brothers live. But everything's fine. I know they will be much happier at the lake.

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