Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Puppy Worries

Last night, when I got home from the gym (whoop whoop!), Peanut was acting really weird. He was moving around really slow and acting like it was hard for him to walk. At first it looked like his back legs were bothering him. He's 10 years old this year and I've always heard that when Min Pins get around 10 years old their joints start going bad and they could get wobbler's disease. So I've been dreading his 10th birthday for his whole life!

So I tried to feel around on his back legs to see if I could find something obvious or if his joints popped out of place or something. He didn't act like anything I was doing was bothering him so I felt around on his front legs and he whelped a little bit. I brought him inside and he went straight to his bed and was acting like a little old man trying to get in his bed very carefully. I knew something was wrong. He just wasn't acting normal for him and mommy's know when something is just not right!

I had 30 minutes until the puppy hospital at Petsmart closed to I rushed him up there. Even the car ride with him was not right. He usually jumps all around the car trying to see where we are, but he just laid down in my lap and didn't move and he was shaking a lot. But as soon as we got to Petsmart, he perked up a little bit. He still wasn't 100% so I went ahead and saw the vet. I just told her that something just isn't right and I just want to have him checked out. She told me that I'm not crazy or worrying for nothing and she listened to all of the symptoms I was telling her about. She started feeling all over him and when she got to his neck, she squeezed it and he let out a huge WHELP! It was his neck. He hurt it somehow and I think I have a pretty good idea that his little (big) brother Brutus had something to do with this since this is how they play...

She said that he might have a separated disk and that the only thing to do about it is treat it with steroids and put him on kennel rest. Poor baby! I knew something was wrong!

When we got home Brutus seemed like he was concerned about his bubba. He went up to Peanut and started giving him kisses on his face. It was really cute until Brutus started sniffing on Peanut's pecker to try to find out where he went. Boys are so gross!

He seems to be doing much better today.

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