Monday, May 3, 2010

Pizza on the Patio

Yesterday was so pretty!

I had a pedicure with my friend Sarah...

Then I went and did a little shopping (Old Navy had EVERYTHING 30% off!). I found the cutest swimmies for me and David for 4th of July!

Then I came home and David and I had Pizza on the Patio!

We love Papa Murphy's pizza and if you've never tried have to! We get the 5 meat stuffed pizza and it's so good. They make the pizza right when you order it and then you take it home and bake it yourself. Love it!

We have so many plans for our back yard, but not enough funds to get any of it done right now. Isn't everyone's "plans" bigger than their bank account. I hate how that works! So we'll settle on sitting on our little chairs and eating at the little coffee table on the tiny back porch. Please excuse the dirty ugly grill in the background!

I love lazy Sunday evenings at home...relaxing and winding down...getting ready for the dreaded Monday back at work. David even layed down outside for a nap while I took my shower.

I haven't gotten my camera out and played with it in a while. It's kind of hard when I'm running out of subjects to take pictures of! I also wanted to get out my lightscoop and play with it a little. So here are the results.

This is David cooperating...

This one made me laugh so hard because it looks like his head is huge and his arm and his body are tiny!

This is David getting annoyed...

Peanut wanted nothing to do with it all...

And of course I had to take a few of Brutus...

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