Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cards

We haven't done a Christmas card in years. The Holidays have been pretty painful the last couple of years, but it's finally gotten better this year. Even though I've been more focused on trying to get everything ready for the babies because they can come at any time now, I'm at least not dreading Christmas this year like I have in the past.
And since we had just had our picture taken for my maternity pics, it was the perfect opportunity to send out a Christmas card.
We sent out 2 different cards because I ordered one from our photographer, but then realized I wasn't going to have enough so I quickly ordered cheaper ones from MPix.
These are the 2 cards from this year:
This one was from CC Miller Photography.

And this is the one that I designed and ordered from

I think it's going to be neat to look back at these next year when we're getting ready to send out our Christmas cards with the twins on them.

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