Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Playroom Tour

I decided to put the babies in the same room for now and just make the other bedroom close by a playroom that would hold a glider, a day bed, and a tv. The main reason for this is because there was no room for a glider in the nursery with 2 cribs in there. And this way, if one baby is up and the other is still sleeping, I can rock that baby or feed them and catch up on my dvr and not disturb the sleeping baby. And the daybed is going to be for long nights when I don't want to disturb David by go back and forth across the house and getting in and out of bed.
But I also got a Pack N Play with a bassinet for our room for them to sleep in at first if necessary.
So here's the tour of the playroom:

I made this artwork above the day bed. It was kind of a last minute thing just to fill the space on the wall. I had left over fabric and I was trying to find something to do with it. So I wrapped a canvas in the fabric and then used stencils for the letters.

A lot of things in this room are handmade...by me...and some by David. For example, I made all of these pillow covers except for the gray ones. I ordered them first and then realized that I could easily make them!

I also made the drapes. Sooooo easy to do. I just cut rectangles for the size I needed and added some drapery backing and used Steam A Seam to put it all together. Then I just used drapery hooks to hang them.

This is a picture of my grandma that passed away when my mom was little and her twin sister, my Aunt Dean that passed away a few years ago.

David made the book shelves for me and we both painted them. I found the idea on Pinterest. I knew I wanted a book shelf but I didn't want anything too big and bulky and in the way, so this was the perfect solution. And they were so easy to make! We even had Home Depot cut the boards for us so all we had to do was nail them together how we wanted them and then paint them with left over paint from when our house was painted.

This is the closet in the playroom, full of more baby stuff, hidden away for now but I'm sure it will be all over the place soon!

And this is the view from the playroom into the hallway that leads to the nursery:

I'm very happy with how it all turned out. I figured I would be spending a lot of time in these 2 rooms so I wanted them done exactly how I imagined them and I think they came out pretty close. David helped so much. He would look at me weird every time I told him about another idea I would have for the rooms, but he would listen to me and try to get it done the way I wanted it and then he would realize what the vision was I had in my head. I can't wait for the babies to come home and see it all!


  1. This is gorgeous! You did such a nice job and I know you'll love being in there! Love the color choice with the pops of yellow!

  2. Love the colors! I have been trying to figure out what colors to do our basement playroom and this would work perfectly! Can you email me the color you used on your walls? Thanks and great job!

    Found you thru HOH
    jkburke 21 at earthlink dot net