Tuesday, July 22, 2014

2 1/2!

Connor and Chloe turned 2 1/2 on Saturday! That means that today they are closer to 3 than 2! That's crazy to me!
We went to soccer that morning (where they did so good and had fun!) and then we spent the rest of the day outside.
This was taken during a fight. She for some reason wanted to sit on the back of his quad and he didn't want her to.
And since we were spending the day outside, I thought it would be the perfect time to try out our new underwear and panties. They were so excited to wear them and I was on auto repeat every 5 minutes saying "Don't forget to tell mommy when you need to pee pee or poo!" And they would yell back "OKAY!"
Chloe started telling me "No!" when I was taking pictures of her.
Even though we are knee deep in the terrible twos, it's not always bad. The bad times did seem to spike a little when we first brought the baby home and I would get extremely frustrated and upset every day, thinking I was doing something wrong. But I think we have all finally adjusted pretty well and are in a good place, right now. I still need a little bit more sleep at night, but overall, I think we're figuring it out. I was also getting really upset because I felt like I was missing out on the twins summer. I was stuck inside feeding all the time, or trying to console a crying baby, or it was too hot for the baby to be outside. But not this weekend. The weather was so nice, we were all outside. And Cooper is getting on a more consistent feeding/napping schedule that I'm able to carve out time for the twins too.
  Chloe is my funny little firecracker. You never know what's going to come out of her mouth.
  Some funny things she has said lately:
When I asked her what she wants for dinner, she usually always says "Tacos" and then cracks up laughing. This is so funny because she started saying it before she ever even tried a taco. It just seemed to come out of nowhere!
When she was riding in the back of Connor's truck in the first picture of this post, I asked her where they were going and she told me "Mexico!". I have no idea how she knows about Mexico.
I bought her some princess dresses the other day and when I put the Rapunzel dress on her and she ran to look in the mirror, she said "Where's my crown?"
When she talks to Cooper she gets a really high pitched voice, just like adults do when they are baby talking with a baby. And she almost always says "He's awake!" and "He's looking at me". All of that is then followed by "I want to hold him".
She loves anything princess or Hello Kitty. Her favorites right now are Rapunzel, Belle, and of course Frozen.
 She loves bracelets, necklaces, bows, and shoes.
She seems to go back and forth between being a Mommy's girl and Daddy's girl. I guess it just depends on her mood or what activity we are doing. It seems like she's mommy's girl when it comes to getting ready in the mornings or getting ready for bed. She wants me to dress her and brush her teeth. But when it comes to the fun stuff, like playing outside, she's a daddy's girl.
Connor is my sharp little man that doesn't miss anything! David and I could be having a conversation across the room, thinking they can't hear us or that they are even paying attention to us because they are watching tv or something and he will turn around and repeat exactly what we were talking about. He doesn't forget ANYTHING. If you tell him we are going to do something, you better not change your mind because he will not forget about it and will go on repeat until you acknowledge it.
He loves airplanes, trucks, tractors, dinosaurs, Superman, Batman, Spiderman, and I recently found out Captain America. I have no idea how he knows about all of these characters, but I think all the little boys in their class where them on their shirts. It's funny to see that he wants to fit in with them.
He is very caring when it comes to Chloe. If she falls down, he is immediately right there saying "You ok Chloe?".
 He is also a little bossy when it comes to them playing together. He is always telling her what they should play with and she usually goes along with it. But it for sure has to be on his terms or he freaks out and gets mad at her. It doesn't usually last very long though.
  They are definitely best buddies. I love that they have each other, especially since Cooper is taking a little bit of my time away from them. I was so worried for the longest time that they didn't even acknowledge each other. But they will tell us now that each other is their best friend. We even tease them about having a boyfriend/girlfriend at school and Connor will tell us that Chloe is his girlfriend and Chloe will say Connor is her boyfriend.
  When they wake up in the morning, the first thing they do is ask where the other one is. They hug and kiss each other night night and they are working on trading their food that they don't like at dinner.


  1. Where did you find the Rapunzel dress? Abby's favorites are Rapunzel, Belle, and Frozen too :)

    1. JCPenny! All of the princess dresses were on sale last week. I ordered it online, along with the hair. I got Belle too. I'm having a hard time finding Frozen dresses in her size.

    2. Thanks!! Just ordered Abby one.