Monday, July 7, 2014

Snow Cones & Fireworks

I took Connor and Chloe to get snow cones last week after school one day. These weren't their official first ever snow cones because we tried to get them to eat them last year, but they wouldn't. And Connor wasn't so sure about it still this year until they melted and he could just drink it with a straw. He would have rather just played with it instead though.
The next day was Red, White, and Blue day at school. They were excited to wear their "flag" clothes. So much so that they thought it was a fun idea to take a picture in front of the flag on the house. I couldn't believe they went along with it! They even put their arms around each other!
They thought it was funny to try to catch the flag. I love the picture of Chloe laughing at Connor.
That night, we went and bought our fireworks to shoot off for the following night. Chloe kept asking for pink fireworks and Connor wanted black.
The next night, July 3rd, there was a local show really close to our house so we just planned on watching from the backyard and shooting off a few of our own.
Waiting for it to get dark...
Connor was all about doing fireworks with Dad, but Chloe wasn't so sure about it and spent most of the night in my lap, especially when the big ones started going off. Connor just kept saying "Whoa!" and "That's so cool!".

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