Monday, June 30, 2014

I have 3 kids!

I still can't believe I have 3 kids!
  We've been so busy every day, just trying to figure out our new routine and how to work Cooper's schedule into the twins schedule. We're just really in survival mode at the moment, so much so that I haven't been taking very many pictures, especially of all 3 of them together.
 The twins haven't really had a lot of chances to interact with Cooper yet either because he is always either eating or sleeping and they are off doing their own thing playing together (which, by the way, I've never been more grateful that there are two of them because they play together so much and entertain each other enough that I don't have to worry about them needing all of my attention while I'm getting adjusted to life with a new baby).
So the other day, I made it a point to have Cooper awake and on the floor when they came home from school so they could play with him a little.
 Chloe wanted to show him all of her toys.
I know it's all just a part of having a new baby, but I've been having a lot of guilt lately too. I feel guilty for not paying the twins as much attention as I used to, even though I know there is nothing I can do about it right now. The baby needs me and I need to rest when I get the chance because of the lack of sleep I'm getting at night. So when I can, I try to spend as much one on one time with them as possible.
 The other day, it was Connor's turn because everyone else in the house was sleeping. We played upstairs together, he made me a hamburger in the play kitchen, and we took pictures with each other.
Since the baby has been here, Connor and Chloe have changed so much. They've become more independent and also have become better buds. They are always asking where the other one is if they don't see them right away. They run off and play together without us suggesting it. They love on each other and hug and kiss each other good night. And when one of them falls down or gets hurt, the other one is right there asking "You okay?".
 Yes, there are still fights and temper tantrums, but more often than not, they are buddies.

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