Thursday, June 19, 2014

Time to go home! Finally!!!

Cooper finally got circumcised Monday morning. His jaundice was tested again and his levels were ok enough for him to not need treatment, so we were given the green light that we would be getting discharged after he had a little bit of recovery time after the circumcision.
We were ready to go!
Since we didn't find out what were having, I didn't buy any new clothes. All I have are Connor and Chloe's hand me downs which are perfectly fine and in good shape. But it's so funny to see Cooper in Connor's clothes because they look so much alike. I even kept calling him Connor instead of Cooper. One sleepy night, after a feeding, I was half awake when I called the nurse to come get him I said "Connor Dunaway is ready to go back to the nursery". I quickly caught my mistake and said "Cooper is ready, sorry". She probably thought, "that lady doesn't even know what she named her baby".
We were home by noon that day and I quickly realized that I had so much to do. All of those times that people would ask me if I had everything ready, my response was always "I think so. The room is ready, so I'm really not sure what else I need to do". Well, I was wrong. There were a few small things that I needed to do, like get diapers and wipes out ready to use for the next diaper change. I had to put a trash bag in the diaper trash can in his room. I had to unpack my new pump and figure out how to work it. There were a few more small things that I had forgotten about, so my afternoon was a little busy. I also wanted to give Cooper a bath. He hadn't had one in a few days and it was time.
He hated it.
Then it was time for the kids to come home from school. I was so excited to see them and have them back home.
  Before we went to the hospital, I had bought them presents that would be from the new baby. So when they got home, I told them that Cooper had brought them both a surprise from the hospital.
They loved them and constantly say how Cooper got them for them. They even went up and thanked Cooper for the new toys.
They played with their new toys for a little bit and then the meltdowns started. They both wanted to sit with mommy and they wanted mommy to do everything for them. There was a moment where they were all crying and all I could think was "And this is how it's going to be!". I was so nervous that I was going to get overwhelmed, but I think I actually handled it pretty good. They eventually calmed down, wanted to hold the baby before they went to bed, and mainly just kept their normal evening routine.
And of course, Connor kept reminding me that there was no baby in mommy's belly anymore.

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